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This article will answer some FAQs regarding speaker controls during a virtual or hybrid session.

How do I log into the Boomset Platform?

  • Everyone who will have access to the virtual platform will follow the same process to log into the virtual platform. Generally, the organizer will have sent you an email with your Log-in credential [E-mail, Virtual Pin, Event Code(if applicable)]. 

How do I find the Speaker area (This shows the list of all of the speakers during the event)?

  • After logging into the platform you will need to navigate to the Speaker Tab. (Please note Organizers are able to change the name of the tab, for example, it could be called Presenters instead of Speakers)

How to access your session & Broadcast within that session.

  • Any session that you will be a speaker will have a symbol beside the session indicating you are a speaker.
  • Click the "Sart Broadcasting" button if your session has already started, if you are early you will see a "Start Rehearsal" button. 

Feel free to reach out to us at support@boomset.com in case you have questions or need assistance.


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