Concierge Services

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The below Professional Services can be provided by our team for additional costs. Please review the guidelines below to understand how to book services for an upcoming event!

Dedicated Support

Virtual Support Technician (VST)

VST(s) WILL...

  • Assist speakers one-on-one with the platform as needed
  • Watch live sessions to flag and/or help resolve any issues in real time
  • Assist organizers during the event


  • Support attendee-specific issues as this support is not attendee-facing
  • Serve as hosts or moderators for any session
  • Be responsible for configuring the Boomset backend
  • Join as a speaker with camera and microphone on during a live session
  • Be responsible for session engagement management (polling, breakouts, Q&A)
  • Troubleshoot non-Boomset software (Vimeo, Zoom, Streamyard)

Booking Minimum: 4-hour Block

Options: 4-hour Block; 8-hour Block; Overtime

On-site Technician

OST(s) WILL...

  • Oversee and assist in the set-up of the Supplier’s equipment prior to the event
  • Train the Client’s on-site staff on software, equipment use, and basic troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot the Supplier’s software and/or equipment during the event


  • Be responsible for configuring the Boomset backend including, but not limited to editing guests lists, badge designs or any other pre-event settings
  • Directly check guests in or manage specific attendee issues

Booking Minimum: One Work Day + One Travel Day (unless local to NYC)

Options: Work Day; Travel Day; Overtime

Meals? Pre-charged. We charge a per diem rate per travel day and per work day. This covers meals, snacks and refreshments for each day. These rates are non-negotiable and required.

Travel? Pre-charged. We charge a flat travel fee for travel booking that includes ground transportation to/from terminals and the travel to/from the Activation City. These rates are set to minimize back-and-forth paperwork, but we are open to alternative methods of paying for travel.

Accommodations? Booked by Client. We prefer that clients include our team in the room blocks. Each OST must have a single room with no room sharing. These accommodations can be part of an existing room block, but do not need to be at the same venue. All bookings must be paid or pre-authorized by the Client prior to the check-in date.

Concierge Services 

    • Hardware, Badges, Lanyards, Badge Holders, and Wristbands
      Quote upon request 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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