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There are two ways for Organizers to filter who receives an email blast: by Registration Type and with a Report filter. In this article, both processes will be covered. 

To set email filters go to your Event > Design > Email.

Filtering Emails by Registration Type

Once you have created your email, you can determine to which Registration Types this email will be sent. To do so, just click on the Filter by Registration Typeon the top-right corner of the designer. By default, emails will be set to apply to all Registration Types. If you toggle this OFF, you will see the Registration Types you've set up appear, each one toggled OFF. If you want that email to apply to specific Registration Type or Types, then just make sure you toggle your desired Registration Type ON. 



When you're ready, click on Save for the changes to apply. 

Filtering Emails by Report

If you would like to further filter the emails with a Report. First, you will need to create a new report or use an already existing within Boomset's Report Builder. This report will be used to filter the receivers. 

In the Report Builder, you can use the funnel button to filter the columns to specific value. Use this filter to eventually send the email to only those attendees with this specified value. For example, if you filter Event Attendance to only 'None', the email you send out using this report will only send to those who never checked into the event. Most fields in the report builder can be filtered in some way, so there is a lot of flexibility here.

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 4.40.08 PM

When creating the emails, please make sure the "Triggered by" is set to "None". Remember to save your changes.

Then,  click on the "Mail" icon beside the e-mail you would like to send out. It will be the first option from left-to-right under the Actions columns. 

You will see a Pop-up appear, next you will want to click the dropdown and select the Report you would like to use to filter the e-mail.

Click on send and you will have completed this process. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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