How to Preview your Virtual Booth

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This article is intended for exhibitors who would like to preview their virtual booth. 

While you are setting up your virtual booth, if you would like to preview it, there are several options to log into the virtual platform. You may have received an event invite link in your email, which you can follow directly. If you have not yet received this, you can go to Boomset's website and log in as an attendee. Please go to, click on "Login as: Attendee" (shown below) and log in using the same email that was used to register for the event.



If you log into the platform and don't see the event, it is likely that the organizer either has not yet provided access, or you logged in using an email address not currently associated with a ticket. Please reach out to the event organizer to find out when they will open access to the platform.

Note: Organizers can choose to limit access before the event to different attendees (Organizers, Speakers, etc.) so double check with them if this is the case. 

Once you log into the virtual platform, you are free to go to where the exhibitor booths are housed which is located in the side menu. It is important to note that event organizers may rename this area to something like exhibitors, trade floor, network, etc.

It is also important to note that it is up to the event organizer to turn this feature on so depending on when the event takes place, it may not be turned on yet, so you should reach out to the event organizer if you are unable to find the exhibitor section on the virtual platform. 

Once on the platform, you can find your booth by searching for the name of your company within the exhibitor section.

Once found, you can preview the work you have done so far.


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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