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How to log in and the security measures that are taken during Virtual Event Log-in with Boomset.

Prior to the event, you should receive an email that includes a specific event's log-in link. If you can not find this email please check your spam folder. 

Once you've located the event-specific log-in link, click on the link to open it up in a new window. We suggest for the best experience to use the newest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The platform is also compatible with Firefox and Safari with possible limited functionality based on the browser's capability. See below an example of the event log-in page prior to branding. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 9.03.39 AM

Next, you should enter the email address associated with your Registration. The email where you have received your registration confirmation and all other communications from the Event would be your best bet here.

The system will validate that the email is associated with the Event, and ask for a PIN if your registration was found. Some Organizers might provide the PIN ahead of the Event, while others might require that these are sent out at the time of login. If you don’t yet have a PIN, one will be emailed or texted to you. Once you have entered your PIN, you will be taken directly into the Event.

Note: If you did not receive this email or the email has been misplaced, not to worry, you can follow the prompts on More visuals can be found here. If you prefer to be on the go there is an iOS/Android app available, search for "Event App By Boomset” in the respective stores. 

Some additional details about PIN codes below: 

  • Each event has different PIN codes associated with it. 
  • Login PIN codes are random 6 digit numbers. 
  • Boomset creates PIN codes only when the organizer has added the PIN to an email or requested by the attendee for the first time. If an attendee has never received an email with the PIN, a PIN is generated only when the attendee requests one. 
  • After 3 consecutive incorrect entries, the PIN is deactivated and a new PIN must be obtained. 
  • Attendees can request a new PIN using their registered email address or phone numbers associated with the registration. 
  • An attendee can request a PIN every 180 seconds. Boomset prevents consecutive PIN requests. 
  • Organizers cannot see any PINs and therefore cannot log in as attendees to the event. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.


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