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This article will serve as a guide to understanding the multiple Hosting options in Boomset and knowing which option to choose based on your virtual session content.

Manage Sessions > Sessions and click on a session. (You will need to create a session if one has not already been created)

Next, you will need to toggle the Live Stream switch to the "On" position.

There are currently 4 hosting options available.

  1. Boomset (Native Broadcasting tool)
  2. External Link
  3. Embed
  4. HLS Video

1. Boomset (Native Broadcasting tool)

Viewer Count Visibility
This determines who will be able to see the view counter during a session. 

Viewer Count options:

  • No one - No one will have the ability to see the view counter during a session.
  • Admins Only - Only "Virtual Admins" will be able to see the viewer counter during a session.
  • Speakers & Admins - "Virtual Admin" and  Speakers assigned to a specific session will be able to see the view counter during a session. 
  • Everyone - Everyone who can access the session will be able to see the view counter during the session.


Boomset - This option enables Boomset's native broadcasting.

Video Quality 
The following list represents the video quality recommended for different numbers of speakers and connection speeds. The options from 240p to 1440p assume an average internet speed.

Video Resolution



(Recommended for a single speaker)


(Recommended for 1-4 speakers)


(Recommended for 4-8 Speakers)


(Recommended for 8-12 Speakers)


(Recommended for 12 Speakers)


(Recommended for low-quality connections)
1080P_2 Use when recording (Recommended for a single speaker)
720P_2 Use when recording (Recommended for 1-4 speakers)
480P_2 Use when recording (Recommended for 4-8 Speakers)
360P_4 Use when recording (Recommended for 8-12 Speakers)

***For a more detailed on choosing the appropriate Video Quality Click Here.***

2. External Link

External Link - Enter the URL of the link that you wish to have played in the session. The URL will open in a new window. This option is limited by the URL page's formatting. (size, scrolling, etc.)

3. Embed

Embed - Enter the embed code for the video you would like to host within this session. Embed code should be found where the video content currently exists and often allows for limited changes to the rendering format. (size, scrolling, etc.)

4. HLS Video
For this option, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.


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