Importing session registration with .XLSX

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You can also add your sessions directly on your .XLSX. This is a Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet file that can be opened using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Excel Viewer, or perhaps another spreadsheet program. 

In your .XLSX, add columns for the different sessions. Correspond guests to sessions by adding a "yes" in the cell if a guest is attending that session. You do not have to fill out cells if a guest is not attending a session.

Note: Make sure you type your Session names exactly as you'd like for them to appear in your Event on Boomset. 

Upload your .XLSX into Boomset. You will be asked to match the information from the fields in your list to the fields in Boomset. Your sessions will not automatically get matched.

To create the sessions in your .XLSX, simply click the settings gear. It will open a drop-down with options to match up. Scroll and select the "Add as a New Session" option. Save your selection.

After the import is completed, if you look in the "Sessions" area of your event, you will be able to see the sessions that you created. If you look in the app on your iPad, you should now be able to see your attendees in their selected sessions.

Important Note: This method will allow you to change session selection at an event through the iPad without having to make any other changes. 


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