Custom Barcodes and QR Codes

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Event organizers can utilize custom barcodes for a unique badge scanning experience. 

Open the badge template and add a code to the badge. Click on the QR code that appears. 

Select 'Custom Code' from the dropdown menu.  


  • universal barcode that reads numeric format only 
  • 8 digit code limit


  • universal barcode that reads numeric format only
  • 13 digit code limit

Code 128:

  • alphanumeric or numeric-only format
  • 128 digit code limit
  • 1D version of the ID QR Code that holds the same properties but can be scanned by a 1D barcode scanner

QR Code:

  • can store URL code linking to external site

Universal QR Code V2:

  • Standard encrypted QR code
  • encrypted exclusively for the Boomset Lead Retrieval app
  • can be un-encrypted for an additional cost

ID Barcode and ID QR Code:

  • unencrypted for global app usage
  • only displays the Boomset barcode number
  • ID number can be used to tie data to a user, but scanning does not reveal any user information


  • unencrypted code 
  • incompatible with the Boomset Lead Retrieval app
  • If a device can scan the vCard then it will be able to see the user information

Custom QR Code:

  • A flexible code system with multiple functions.
  • May or may not be encrypted depending on usage. 

QR Code Compatibility

Depending on the type of code used, this item would be scannable by Boomset, a third-party, or both. The graph belows shows the compatibility of each type.


Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 9.48.13 AM


Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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