How to check-in a guest on kiosk mode (video)

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To enter Kiosk Mode, in the Boomset app, go to the top right corner and click on the small kiosk icon. You’ll be asked to set a temporary passcode in order to ensure that attendees checking in do not exit the kiosk screen.

The kiosk screen is completely customizable to the look and feel of your event. You can configure this under the Kiosk Mode tab on the Boomset web platform. This video shows all the options available for your attendee check-in experience.

Select START to begin the check-in process.

Remember, if either barcodes or confirmation tickets were emailed to attendees, attendees can scan those codes in Kiosk Mode. If any attendee has neither of those, they can be checked in by searching their first and last name.

By selecting their name, they can view/edit their information on the registration form. Please keep in mind that this form can be created and edited on the Boomset web platform. Learn how to do this here.

Any check-in options you’ve turned on, like attendee photo capture or signature collection, will be added to your check-in process. You can edit these options on the Boomset web platform.

Attendees will be able to see the list of all sessions available at the event. To add a session, simply go to ALL SESSIONS, then tap ADD next to the appropriate session.


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