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This article is intended for Organizers who would like to send a Test Email to their inboxes, prior to sending any email blasts to customers. The different ways this feature can be tested will be covered in this article. 

Filtering by Registration Type

One way you can test the Email feature is by filtering the Registration Types that are associated with the email. When you are editing your email, you will se a button on the top-right corner that reads Filter by Registration Types

This feature allows Organizers to send customized emails to different ticket-holders, but it can also be used for testing purposes. The Organizers will need to set up a specific registration for them and their team by going to Manage > Registration > Registration Types. Then, they can add themselves as an attendee with the Testing Registration Type created. This Reg Type can be called Staff, Testing, or whatever the Organizer prefers. Its purpose would be only to carry out these tests. 

If the Organizer has already added themselves as an attendee with a Registration Type meant for guests or speakers, they can always change their Registration Type by going to Manage > Guest List. When they locate their name on the list, they can click on it to pull up the information collected thus far. The last tab, labeled Registration, will include the option to change Registration Types: 




With the new Registration Type set up, Organizers can head back to the Email Designer. Then, they just need to select the email they want to test and click on Filter by Registration Type. 

By default, all Registration Types will be selected. But, if the Organizer toggles this selection OFF, they can then choose the Testing Registration Type as the only one who will receive it. Once the testing Registration Type is selected, they can head to the Email Designer and use the Email button to send out the test emails. 


Likewise, email triggers can be tested by Organizers and Team Members. If the Trigger is set to Registration Confirmation, then the Organizers or Team Member just needs to register for the Event with the test Registration — as an attendee would, from a Registration Page or Kiosk. When the Registration is completed, the email should be delivered. 

Filtering by Reports

A more manual method, Organizers can generate a report that contains only the individuals who are to receive the test email. These attendees need to be registered for the Event, including Organizers. With the individuals registered, the Organizers can head to Analyze > Reportsto create a Custom Attendee Report. 


The report does not need to contain all of the attendee information, only their first name, last name, and email address. When the preview is available, Organizers can click on the Filter option on the Email column to select the specific attendees who are to receive the email.  


In the text box that appears, Organizers can enter the email addresses of the intended recipients. Do note, though, that if the individual is not yet registered, their name will not populate as a valid choice. 

When the report is ready, the Organizer can head back Design > Email, and click on the Send button. A panel will come up advising the total number of attendees who will receive the email. Likewise, Organizers will see the option to filter by Report Type in this panel: 


From the dropdown, Organizers can select their desired report filter! The total number of attendees to be emailed should update after the report is selected! 

Finalizing the Testing Process

If Organizers completed their tests using the emails they intend to send to attenedees, then they will need to remove the filters placed on the emails to ensure that all attendees receive it. Otherwise, the emails will only be delivered to the individuals who were involved in the testing.

For any questions or clarifications about this process, feel free to reach Support at support@boomset.com.  

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