Kiosk Mode Customization: Checking-In Options

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Organizers can further customize what the Checking-In process will be for attendees. The way in which attendees can check-in, the information visible to them during the process, and the documents they need to sign, these can all be setup from the Checking-In tab. 

You can modify the Checking-In Settings by going to Design > Kiosk Mode > Checking-In

Checking-In Settings

In this section, Organizers can determine how attendees can check into the Event. 

  • Allow Scan: If toggled ON, attendees can use their QR code to find themselves among the Guest List. They will simply need to hold the QR code in the camera's range for it to be scanned and the check-in process started. 
  • Search By: If toggled ON, attendees can use the search bar to try to find their registration. Organizers can further decide if they want attendees to use their Name, Email, or either to locate their Registration by selecting one of these options from the dropdown menu. 
  • Search Auto-Complete: This option will be toggled OFF by default. When OFF attendees need to enter their full name (first + last name) and email address (domain included) to find their registration. Partial information will generate no matches. If this feature is toggled ON, then attendees can enter partial information to see potential results listed. Then, they will just need to select their registration from the list populated. 
  • Allow Walk-Ins: If this option is toggled ON, attendees who are unable to find themselves on the Guest List will get an option to add themselves to it. Organizers can limit registration access at the kiosk by making this process password protected. As the kiosk password is not known by anyone but the Organizer team, one of its Members would need to approve the registration by entering it before the registrant can get started. 

Feature Settings

Under the Feature Settings segment Organizers can determine what the Attendee will see after finding themselves on the Guest List (by either scanning their QR code or using the Search option). Organizers can modify the following settings: 

  • Show Details: If toggled ON, attendees will see their Guest Information โ€” the information linked to the Registration Form โ€” after selecting their name on the search screen. Likewise, if toggled ON, Organizers can further determine if this setting will apply to all registration types or only some. If the second toggle, Add all Registration Types, is turned off, the Organizer will see an additional field appear for them to select the Registration Types affected. 
  • Selfie: If toggled ON, Attendees can add, view or replace their selfie during the check-in process. As with the Show Details option above, Organizers can also choose whether this will apply to all or some Registration types when enabled. 
  • Sessions: If toggled ON, Attendees can see Sessions and register for them. If they have already registered for Sessions ahead of the day of the Event, they will be able to edit this information. It is also possible to filter this option based on Registration Types. 
  • Comments: If toggled ON, Attendees can see the Comments made by the Organizers on their registration information. This option can also be filtered by Registration Types. 


If you need your Attendees to view and accept a document โ€” like Nondisclosure Agreements, Terms and Conditions contracts, or any agreements that you need your guests to sign โ€” you can use the kiosk check-in process to collect their signatures. 

To do so, you will need to click on the blue โ€œAdd Documentโ€ button. After you give the Document a title you can add content as needed.

You can filter the Registration Types for which the document will be applicable by toggling Add all Registration Typesoff. To account for different documents needed for each Registration Type, the system will let you add as many of these as you deem necessary to ensure that each Attendee gets the right document upon Check-In. If you have created Custom Questions, you can have a select document apply to their respondents. 


If you would like the Session Check-In process to also require the signature of a document, just make sure you specify for which Session you would like it to apply by entering the name of the Session under Session SignaturesLastly, if you would like the document to be sent to Attendees after signing, just toggle on Send Document and its delivery will be automatic. 

To Preview the Document, a preview screen will be available to the right: 


Once you're satisfied with your changes, click on Save. If you are adding multiple documents, you will need to hit on Save after each. Otherwise, only the latest document will be added. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at

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