Adding Filters

Unless your guests are choosing which sessions to check into in advance or on-site, you will need to add filters to determine who is allowed to attend a session, and who is not.

You can set filters by registration type. For example: If you are only allowing VIPs into a session, you can select the "Registration Type" filter and choose the VIP registration type to be granted access to that session.

*Note* You must change the registration type to successfully switch a guest's schedule. If you are allowing all guests to enter a session, you must add all registration types in the filter. The system does not correlate an empty filter box as open access. 

You can also set filters by custom questions. For example: If you are only allowing those who answered "Black" for the "Whats your favorite color" custom question into a session, you can select the "Question Filter" and choose the answer "black". This way, only those guests with that particular answer will be allowed into the session.

*Note* If you are allowing your guests to change their sessions on-site, you must change the answer to the custom question in order to successfully change the guest's schedule. Simply adding the guest to another session on the iPad will NOT work.

*Note* When adding both question filters and registration types to a session - only one needs to apply for the guest to enter the session.

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