Design: Duplicating a Badge

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mceclip1.pngDuplicating the Badge within the Same Event

If your Event is going to have different badge types, you can duplicate an existing badge to make the set up faster. 

To duplicate your badge within the same Event, head to Design > Badge Designer V.2 and look for the Badge you want to duplicate. 


Then, just click on the Duplicate button to clone the badge. You should see a confirmation box pop-up afterwards: 


Click on the Duplicate button in blue to finalize the process. You will be then taken into the Designer itself, if you need to make any changes to the duplicated badge. Please note that, when duplicating the badges, these will have as a name Copy {Original Badge Name}, like this: 


The badge's name can be changed at any time. If you make any changes to the badge (including to its name), don't forget to click on Save at the button to ensure they're kept. 

Duplicating to the Library

Organizers who are on Enterprise plans have access to a library that lets them share design templates across Events. 

To duplicate a badge to your Library, just head to Design > Badge Designer V.2 and look for the Badge you want to copy over. Then, click on the Copy to Library button. 


You should then get the following message: 


Once a Badge has been duplicated to the library, you will see the template when going to your Group Dashboard > Library > Badges: 


If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  






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