Kiosk Mode Customization: Final Screen

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Organizers can customize the last screen that Attendees see after leaving the Kiosk Stand. 

After the check-in process has been completed — after the badge has been triggered to print — attendees will see the custom message Organizers set up under Final Message. You can customize: 

  • Message Title: A brief header that will appear above the body of the message, usually a Thank you!
  • Message Content: The body of your message. 
  • Check-In Message Display Time: In seconds, for how long will the message be displayed to Attendees. You can set a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 99 seconds in this field. 


In the final screen preview, you can select what device this message will be displayed on. You can set it to portrait or landscape on a number of devices to see what the content will look like on the day of the Event. 



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