Accessing Hidden Sessions using Registartion Codes

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Registration Types that are set to Hidden are not usually visible to anyone but the Event Organizer. However, with the use of Registration Codes, attendees can access these hidden Registration Types to register with them. 

First, you will need to create a Registration Type and set its Availability to Hidden. This can be a paid or a free Registration Type. 


Next, you will need to set up the Registration Code. If you do not want to associate any further discounts with this Registration Code and use it simply to make these visible, just enter 0 in the Discount field. 

Now, when you're filtering your Registration Code by Registration Type, you will see an option that says: Hide Other Registration Types: 


If this option is selected, the only Registration Type that will become visible for the registrant will be the one tied to the code. If this Registration Type is Hiddenit will not be visible to the registrant prior to entering the code. And, upon doing so, all other visible Registration Types will not be visible to them anymore. 

In this example, these are the three Registration Types available: 


These Registration Types will appear as this in the Event Page. The Test Registration, as it Hidden does not show up. 


However, if we link a Registration Code to this Test Registration, we can make it become visible for the registration. 


When entering the code, the Hidden Registration Type will become visible: 



And, the Registrant will be able to complete their Registration!

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  

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