Custom Qualifiers: Web Setup

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Exhibitors can set up Custom Qualifiers from the web version of their Exhibitor Dashboard. 

Accessing Web Dashboard

To set up your Qualifiers, you will first need to log into Boomset with your credentials. If you set up or want to set up your license with a Guest account, the App-Setup would be the best way to create and edit your Qualifiers.

Once in your account, click on "Lead Retrieval Events" and click on the empty box next to "All" to search for your event.


Note: Live will be the default option when you log in, but won't see your Event in this area unless it is already Live. Under All you should see past and upcoming Events!

On the search bar, enter the name of your Event. You should see it pop-up! If the license has already been purchased and linked to that account, a green check mark will be visible to the left. If the license has yet to be purchased, a dollar sign will be visible instead. To add the qualifiers, you need to make sure the license is already purchased and linked to your account. 

Click on the name of the Event to access your virtual dashboard. There, you will see a subsection labeled  Custom Qualifiers. 


Adding Qualifiers

Click on Add New Qualifier to get started. You will be prompted to enter: 

  • The question you want to enter as a qualifier.
  • The qualifier type.

Likewise, you will be asked to select if you want Images to be included in the question. Though, keep in mind this option is not available for Text-Box Qualifiers. 

When choosing a Question Type, there will be four options available: 

  • A Multiple Selection qualifier will allow you to create a question where users can choose exactly one answer out of a set of multiple choices.
  • A Checkbox qualifier will give multiple options, and allow the user to select any combination of the choices given.
  • A Text Box qualifier will prompt the user to respond by typing in an answer to the question.
  • A Rating qualifier will have a customizable prompt and have the user choose a rating between one and five stars.

Once you have selected the Question Type, you will need to enter the Question title and set up potential answers. For isntance, a multiple-choice qualifier looks like this: 


When you are setting up Multiple Choice or Check Boxes, you can click on the Duplicate button to create a copy of that answer. With the Trash icon, that entry can be deleted entirely. 

To ensure your changes are not lost, please click on Save after you have set up your questions. 

Conditional Qualifiers

If you would like to gather more information about a lead based on their answer to one of your Custom Qualifiers, Exhibitors can also create Conditional Qualifiers. With Conditional Qualifiers, leads will be prompted to answer a follow-up question after providing their first answer. 

To set them up, you can select the Question to which you want to add the Qualifier, if it has already been created. This will be known as the Parent Question. If one is not yet set up, click on Add New Qualifier to set one up. 

When you are setting up your potential answers you will see the option to Add Conditional Sub-Qualifier: 



You will then be prompted to enter the follow-up question. Again, you will have to choose the Question Type and set up any potential answers (for all types but Text Box!), like this: 



The Sub-Qualifiers you set up will all be listed under the Parent Question. Answers to the Sub-Qualifiers can be duplicated and deleted from this page, as well. 

As with the setup of the Custom Qualifier, once all changes are done to the potential Sub-Qualifiers, click on save!

Qualifier Visibility

After you have created your Qualifiers, you will see them listed under Manage > Custom Qualifiers: 


In this page, you can use the dropdown menu to the left to determine whether these questions will be Visible or Not. Likewise, Exhibitors can choose different visibility settings for their Lead Retrieval app in Admin mode and in Kiosk Mode. 

The drop-down menu will offer three options: 

  • Required: The question will be visible but the lead / Exhibitor will need to input an answer to continue to the next stage. 
  • Optional: The question will be visible but the lead / Exhibitor can skip it if needed. 
  • Hidden: The question will not be visible in this area. 

Changes in this area will be saved automatically! Now, it's also worth noting, Exhibitors can also delete the Custom Qualifiers from this page by clicking on the trash icon to the left, as they would with the answers within. 

The information captured through the Qualifiers will be included in the lead retrieval report that's exported from the app!

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  

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