Web Platform: Adding Qualifiers

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Lead Retrieval users can manage their Qualifiers on the Web Platform. 

When logging in to Boomset, click on "Lead Retrieval Events" and search "All" for your event.


When you enter the event you will see options to Add, Manage, and Design your qualifiers.


Click on "Add New Qualifier" for the following options:

  • enter qualifier question
  • select qualifier type
  • attach images (except for Text box qualifiers)


Below is an example of a multiple choice qualifier. 


*Conditional Sub-Qualifiers* are more specific questions related to a Qualifier. 


Qualifier = Festival
Sub-Qualifier = Music Festival or Food Festival


Save the Qualifier and it will be added to your Qualifiers List. 


Here, you can manage the Qualifiers as "hidden", "optional" or "required" for Admin and Kiosk Mode. Optional qualifiers can be skipped, but Required qualifiers need an answer for you to move forward. 

The information captured through the Qualifiers would be included in the lead retrieval report that's exported from the app!

Feel free to reach out to us at support@boomset.com in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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