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In Sessions Experience, event organizers can customize the information that appears on the check-in screen for guest self-check-in. For security and privacy measures, some features can be hidden to protect sensitive data and manage the user's guided experience. 

Go into Sessions Experience and tap "Sessions" to see the schedule.

Tap on the session name to enter the scanning screen.


The scanning screen here is the default screen (Auto-Pilot OFF). The Auto-Pilot icon is located in the bottom left corner. 


Tapping the icon will open Auto-Pilot controls. Adjust the settings and tap "Auto-Pilot".


Turning Auto-Pilot ON made the following changes:

  • 'Session info' and 'Enter name' visible
  • 'History', 'Back', and 'Session Attendance' hidden

These settings will allow guests to see which session they have selected.

They can enter the session by scanning a QR code or searching for their name. 

To exit Auto-Pilot, tap the lock icon and enter your password. 


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