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mceclip2.pngOrganizers can set up Sessions for their Event within the Event Dashboard. To do do, just go to Manage > Manage Sessions > Sessions. 

Go to Manage > Manage Sessions > Sessions to get started. 

Creating Sessions

When creating a Session for your Event, you will see the option to add one Session at a time or upload a spreadsheet with multiple Sessions. 

Bulk Upload

To bulk upload your Sessions click on the Upload Sessions button. To get a glimpse of the best way to set up your spreadsheet, feel free to download the sample spreadsheet linked in the Sessions page. 



You can edit the spreadsheet based on your needs. Please note, the spreadsheet should be uploaded without any special formatting (like hidden columns, for example) to avoid any errors. 

Manually Adding Sessions

To add Sessions individually, click on the Add Session button. You will be prompted to enter the details necessary to create the Session. You will be asked to enter some basic details in order to Save the Session. 


  • Session Name: The name that will be given to the Session. This information is publicly visible.
  • Session Description: A brief description of the Setting.
  • On-Demand: If toggled ON, the Session will always be available throughout the Event. You won't need to enter a Start Date and End Date. 
  • Dates and Time: The start date / time and end date / time of this Session. 

Once you have added this information, you will be able to save your Session by clicking on the Create button at the bottom of the page. 


Duplicating Sessions

Another way to create a new Session is by duplicating an existing one. After creating your Sessions, you can go back to Manage > Manage Sessions > Sessions to manage them. Find the Session you want to duplicate and click on the Duplicate button under the Actions column. It should be the one the left, bordering the column labeled Capacity. 


You will then be asked to confirm that you want to duplicate the Session. Clicking on Sure will complete this process. 


The Session will be an exact copy of the one which was duplicated. If you need to make any changes just click on the Session to change its settings. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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