Creating Custom Questions

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A custom question is information collected from guests which does not match any of Boomset’s Standard Fields.

If you want to include custom questions in your Registration Form, you can do so by going to Manage > Registration > Registration Form. There, you should see two tabs then: Standard Questions and Custom Questions. Click on the Custom Questions Tab. There you should see the option that says Create a Question.


You will then be asked to fill out the details of your Custom Question. There are different settings you can manage on this page.

Audience Type

The first thing you will be asked to enter is the Audience Type for each Question:

  • If you want the Question to be included in the Registration Form please select the option that says Attendee.
  • If you want the Question to be visible only for Exhibitors' virtual profile, please select Exhibitors


Note: Exhibitor-specific show up on their Virtual Booth's profile for events that have a virtual component. This guide on Audience Types provides more information about these two options. 

Question Type

You then need to choose the type of question you want to ask your registrants. There are four options:


  • Text: This option lets registrants enter a custom text response. This is a good option for open questions. 
  • Dropdown: This option lets registrants choose one option from a Dropdown menu. 
  • Checkboxes: This option lets registrants choose multiple answers from a list of options.
  • Radio Buttons: This option lets registrants choose on option from a list. 
Note: When using the Dropdown Option, the answers you enter will be automatically arranged in alphabetical order. If you need your answers to follow a specific, non-alphabetical order, then, please ensure that your answers are preceded by a numbering system (for instance, 1., 2., 3.). 

Conditional Questions

If you would like your Registration Form to include Conditional Questions, you will first need to create the question you want serve as a Parent Question. Once that's created, you can designated it as the Parent Question for a new question you're setting up: 


Next, you would need to select to which Option your new question ties to. So, if the Parent Question has Yes and No as the possible answers, you can make a follow-up question for those who answered with No by selecting that as the Option. When you click on the box, you will see the different possible responses to choose from. We have more information about this feature here. 

Session Polling

If your Event includes a virtual component, you can add native Polls to your Sessions through the Custom Questions form. You simply need to designate the question as one. 


Enter the name of the Session where you want this question to appear and you'll be good to go! More information about Boomset Native Polling can be found in this article. 

Registration Filtering

Another option you'll get when you are setting up the Custom Questions is Registration Filtering. By default, the Custom Question will have Applies to All Registration Types toggled on, but if you want to limit who sees a certain question you can turn this off. 


When toggled off, another field will populate. There, you can enter the Registration Types that will see this question in their Registration Form. 

Question Visibility

Lastly, you can determine in which areas of the Event the questions will be Hidden. Likewise, if you want them to be Visible, you can determine whether they will be Required or Optional. 


Some dropdowns might only have two options Hidden and Visible. In those areas, the answers cannot be edited. Instead, they can simply be displayed. This is useful if you would like to pass information to Exhibitors, for example! 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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