Video Quality Best Practices

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The following list represents the video quality recommended for different numbers of speakers and connection speeds. The options from 240p to 1440p assume an average internet speed.

Speakers are based on how many people are currently on the screen for attendees, so you do not need to factor in speakers who are not broadcasting or who are broadcasting but have their cameras turned off. Ideally, you should set the quality based on the minimum number of speakers who will be on-screen at once. If you notice connection issues, you can scale down the quality.

These options can be edited in the organizer platform by clicking on a session in the Manage tab and visiting "Attendee App Settings".

Please note that the number after the underscore (e.g. 720p_1) represents the frame rate, with an increasing frame rate as the number increases.

1080P_1 - (Recommended for a single speaker)
720P_1 - (Recommended for 1-4 speakers)
480P_1 - (Recommended for 4-8 Speakers)
360P_1 - (Recommended for 8-12 Speakers)
240P_1 - (Recommended for 12 Speakers)
180P_1 - (Recommended for low quality connections)
1080P_2 - Use when recording (Recommended for a single speaker)
720P_2 - Use when recording (Recommended for 1-4 speakers)
480P_2 - Use when recording (Recommended for 4-8 Speakers)
360P_4 - Use when recording (Recommended for 8-12 Speakers)


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