Best Practices for Importing an Excel file Guest List

This article describes the best practices for importing your .xls spreadsheet to Boomset. Following these steps below will ensure that the guest list you import is formatted correctly for your event.

Excel Sheet

If starting from scratch, download Boomset's sample template, then go to Step 1. 

  • The download link is located in the Manage Tab > Import a Guest List
  • The Boomset template provides sample data for testing and Excel formatting reference

1. Open your Excel sheet and remove all formatting.

  • Possible Error message: 'Nonetype' object has no attribute 'strip'
  • To solve, copy all data in affected spreadsheet, open a new spreadsheet, right click and Paste Special (Values Only), re-import into Boomset

2. Review columns and column content. 

  • Check that column headers exist and correspond to the column's data. Make new columns/headers if needed. Delete any columns that are not needed.

3. Check for incorrect spacing 

  • This is common in the phone numbers column. Highlight the column and use the Find function to search " ". This will detect any spaces. Delete extra spaces in the phone number cell. 
  • Possible error message: "parsing error" (rows listed)

Boomset Column Matcher 

1. Match fields by clicking the Edit button and selecting the corresponding header.
Skip importing columns by clicking the Skip button. These fields will not appear in Boomset.

2. Custom Information/Questions: click Edit and select "+Add as a New Custom Question"
If adding Sessions: click Edit and select "+Add as a New Session"
Sessions can also be added separately after importing the guest list.  

3. Confirm that there are 0 unmatched columns and click Complete Import.

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