How to access sessions

This article is intended for attendees participating in a virtual or hybrid event using Boomset.

If you are planning to watch a session remotely there are two ways of doing so, you can either log into Boomset's Event App (which can be found in both the App and Google Play Stores) or log into the event's virtual experience here

Within the Event App, sessions can be found using the button at the top left of the Home screen, typically located under the Home button and called Sessions, but could be called Agenda, Workshops, Presentations, etc. The event organizer can edit the names of the sidebar menu items, so it's best to reference the sessions icon as shown below. 

In the virtual platform, upcoming sessions can be found on the Home screen, and similarly to the app can also be found on the left-hand side of the web page. 

If you are not already registered for some or all of the sessions you have the option to review the sessions and use the "Add" button on the right-hand side of the session list to add the session to your agenda. 

When it's time for the session to go live simply click on the session name and enjoy the content. 


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