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Once an Event has been created, you can still go ahead and edit its details. The main details you can edit are: 

  • Event Name
  • Venue Name
  • Venue Address
  • Event Type
  • Guests Expected
  • Group
  • Event start and end date
  • Event start and end time
  • Time Zone

There are two ways to achieve this. 

Within the Event

If you are within your Event Dashboard, you will see an option that reads Edit Event




If you click that option, you will then see a panel appear. Within it, you will be abled to make the changes you need to these basic settings. It will look like this: 


Once you are content with your changes, click on Save so they can come into effect! 

Please note: Moving an event to a different group will not move your remaining check-in credits to that new group. If you are moving an event to another group bear in mind the premium status of both the original and new group.


From the Events Page

You can also change some settings of your Event from your main Events Page. You just need to click on the edit button that appears under the action columns. 


A panel with the Event details will pop up, then: 


Please Note: You cannot change the venue information, Group, or time zone from this page. You need to access the event to edit these three details. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to support team at support@boomset.com

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