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While Creating a Session — or when going back to edit a Session — Organizers can customize the Settings for their Sessions. Aside from the Basic Details added during the creation process. This article will go over these Settings. 

Paid Session

If this feature is enabled, you will be asked to enter the price of the Session and the fee charged to Attendees. Keep in mind that you need to set up a Payment Gateway for this to be 


Session Design

You can customize your session screen to enhance an attendee’s check-in experience by choosing a background image as the cover for your session screen. Simply upload an image to  be displayed in the background, or choose a color as the background for the session screen. If you choose to upload an image, you will then be directed to crop and resize your image. Once you’ve finished editing click on done to complete the process. If you’re not happy with the image, you will need to upload 




If you would like to highlight the Speakers who will participate in each Session. For Speakers to be added in this section you will need to first create or add them by going to Manage > Manage Sessions > Speakers. Once Speakers are created, they will show up on the text box showcased below. 



Here, you can select the area where the Session will be hosted. If none have been added, none will appear on the dropdown menu. However, unlike Speakers, you can add these areas by clicking on the Add New Room/Venue button on the right. 

mceclip3.pngHere you 

If you choose to add a new location, you will be prompted to enter its details:



Tracks are used to group sessions based on the time at which they occur. For example, if you have 3 sessions starting at 9am, 10am, and 11am, they could be grouped together under a track titled "Morning Sessions".


If you click on the Add New Track button, you will see a panel come up, prompting you to enter the Track's details.


Once this information is added, you'll be able to save your new Track. 


Tags are used to group together sessions based on their category. For example, .if you have 3 sessions titled “Hair Cutting”, “Hair Coloring”, and “Hair Blow Drying”, they could be grouped under a tag titled "Hair Styling". Like the Rooms and Tracks, they can be added from this page:


Badge Format

This option gives Organizers the option to customize the text that will print on a badge when this Session is added to it. If this option is left blank, then Boomset's default text will appear instead. For example, if you have a session on Boomset labeled Session A, but you set the content in this field to only say Lunch, then the latter is what will appear if the field is added to a Badge. 


Guest Details Display

From this dropdown menu, you can select which Guest details (if any) should be displayed when a Guest is checking into a Session. 


Exhibitor Booth Presentation

If you would like to feature one of your Exhibitors in a Session, you just need to select your desired Exhibitor from the dropdown menu. Like with Speakers, to add an Exhibitor you must first add them to the Event by going to Manage > Lead Retrieval > Add Exhibitors / Manage Exhibitors. 



In this rich text editor, you can set up a description for the Session. You can include images, links, and formatted text. 


Allow Schedule Overlap

When enabled, attendees can register for Sessions with conflicting Schedules. If Session A iis set to take place between 10 and 12 and Session B is scheduled to start at 11, attendees won't be asked to choose between one or the other if this option is enabled. 

If disabled, attendees will not be able to register for Sessions if there's a schedule overlap, even if it's minimal. 

Note: This will be turned on by default. 


Session Points

If you want to assign points to each Session, you can do so here. Just enter the number of points you wawnt Attendees to earn when checking in to this Sessino. 


Access Control

All attendees are allowed in a particular session when turned off. 


If enabled, you will be asked to set the conditions under which an Attendee can Register for this Session.  You can learn more about those options in this article. 

Hidden Session

When enabled, the particular session will not appear on the guest's schedules, kiosks or smart session screens.


Once you are done making all the changes you need, please don't forget to click on save! 

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  

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