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Organizers who are hosting their Registration on Hopin can transfer their Guest List inforation to Boomset with the help of the Hopin Integration. In this article, we will cover how to connect Hopin to the Boomset platform and how to import the Guest List to your event. 

Connecting Hopin

The API Token needs to be provided by your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive. Please, reach out to them for this information!

To connect your Hopin account to Boomset, please navigate to your Group Page and look for the option that reads Integrations on the right-side panel. 


From the dropdown menu, select Hopin. 


You will be asked to enter a Nickname and the API Key you received. Click on Save for the change to be completed. 

After the integration is added, you should see it listed under your Integrations tab. 


Clicking on the Integration's name will let you edit the Nickname and Toke added when setting it up. Likewise, the first option from the left — the trashcan icon under actions — will let you delete the Integration entirely. 

Importing the Guest List

Once the integration is connected, you can navigate to the Boomset Event to which you want to import the informaton. Click on Events and select the Event you want to modify. 

Then, head to Manage > Import / Sync > Import a Guest List. You should see different integrations listed. If you click on Start Import on any integration that has yet to be set up, you will be prompted to navigate back to your Group's page to set it up. Hopin will be listed among the other integrations compatible with Boomset. 


After you click on Start Import, you will be asked to select the Organization you want to connect. Choose your desired Organization from the dropdown menu. 


The list of Events created with that Organization will become visible for you to choose which Guest List to import. 


Once your Event is selected, the import will start. You will be redirected to the Imported Guest List tab to see the dashboard below: 

mceclip8.pngFrom here, Organizers can: 

  • Manual Sync: Integrations normally sync once every hour, but Organizers can force a sync manually during this waiting period. Clicking on the arrow buttons will start the sync. This action can be carried out once every hour. The time for the next sync will be visible under one f the columns. 
  • Edit the Integration: Clicking on the gear action will let you edit the data you're bringing in from Hopin. 
  • Delete Event: The trashcan icon next to the gear button lets the Organizers delete the sync they've created. Doing so results in the removal of all the attendees who were added through the sync. 

Editing the Integration

If you want to edit the data being pulled from Hopin, you can click on the Settings icon to edit the import. 


From this dashboard, you can modify the following: 

  • Outbound Sync: This can be disabled, so the attendees who register through Boomset are not sent to Hopin if desired. By default, this option will be turned ON. 
  • Confirmation Email: If enabled, Guests will receive their Confirmation Email once added to the Event. 
  • Fields: Organizers can select which fields from their Registartion form they want to import to Boomset. By default, this is turned ON, which means that all the data is transferred. If disabled, Organizers will be prompted to select which fields they want to import. 
  • Registration Types: Likewise, Organizers can choose which Registration Types are imported. For Hybrid Events, this means that only the individuals with the Hybrid tickets could be pulled over, by disabling this toggle and selecting the hybrid ticket(s) only! 

To save changes, you need to click on Update Import! You will be redirected back to the dashboard afterwards. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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