Creating Custom Emails

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Prior to setting up your first Custom Email, please make sure that you've already added a Confirmation Email from your Group Settings. You can find more information on this process here.

Creating Custom Emails

Custom Emails enable event organizers to design the email template that is sent out to attendees in advance before attending the event. Event organizers have two template options: Blank or Boomset Default Template. The Email Customization page offers a familiar experience similar to the Badge Designer V2. 

To locate Email Customization, Go to the Design tab and click on Email.


When you click on Create New, you will be given two choices: 

  • Blank Template: This template contains no content. It's meant to allow the Organizer to design the email using their preferred content, dynamic fields, branding (colors and logo), etc. 
  • Boomset Default Template: This template contains some basic information that can be sent to the attendees. This template can be modified once created. 

Once you create an email, you will be taken into the Email Designer: 


You do not need to add any content to the email in order to save it. But, if you decide to add content, please don't forget to hit save for the changes to the kept. 

There are three fields, however, that you need to set up prior to saving the Email: 

  • Email Template Name: Each email template needs to have its own name set up. This information will not be visible to Attendees. 
  • Reply To: This is the email address to which Attendee replies will be forwarded. The email added in this field needs to belong to one of the Group Members. 
  • Subject: The subject line that will be visible to Attendees. Boomset will automatically fill out this field with a welcome message, but feel free to change it as you'd like!


Once you are done, click on the Back button to return to the Email manager page. Here, you will see the email you created. If you need to add another one, just click on Create New. 


Duplicating Emails

If you would like to modify an existing email, you can always duplicate a previous template by clicking on the Duplicate button under the Actions tab. 


You should then see this confirmation message: 


Once you click on the Duplicate button again, an exact copy of the previous email will appear on your list. Its name will be [Name of Original Email] Copy [Number]. You can change this whenever you like. 


If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at


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