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When setting up their Custom Emails, Organizers can customize both their content and delivery. In this article, the different customization options available on the Email Designer will be explored. 

Setting Your Triggers

The triggers assigned to the emails will determine if and when emails are going to be sent out to your Attendees. When setting up your emails, you will see the option to set your Triggers.


The Triggers you can choose from work as follows: 

  • Registration Confirmation: Attendees will get the email upon the confirmation of their Registration. This means that the email will go out once their pre-approval process is complete, they finish their purchase, or get their data imported into the platform through a spreadsheet upload or API connected. No need to send them out manually. 
  • Check-In: Attendees will get the email upon their check-in to the Event. 
  • Pay Later: If enabled, Attendees will receive this email if they choose the pay later option during the Registration process. 
  • None: Attendees will not get this email unless the Organizer manually sends out the email. You can do this from the main email page, under the Actions tab: 
  • Pre-Approval: Attendees will receive this email when they submit their Registration information for approval. This email should not be a confirmation email, but one that lets them know they will receive news shortly. 
  • Pre-Approval Reject: Attendees will receive this email when their Registration gets rejected during the pre-approval process. 

Adding Content

From the left-side menu, Organizers can add Dynamic Content to their email address. Added in brackets, these placeholders will show different information depending on the Attendee to whom the email is sent. The Dynamic Field [First Name], for example, would turn to John, if the email was sent to John Doe. 

To add these fields, the Organizers simply need to click on them and they will appear on the screen.

Please note: when adding the fields unto the e-mail, what will populate is the Guests' answers to the Standard or Custom Questions. So, the question [Full Name] would not be visible, but a person's response (like Jane Doe), would show up instead.

You can change the formatting of the text by using the formatting bar over the canvas: 


Formatting your Text

You can use the different options on Toolbar over the table above the text. You will have the same options as with a rich text editor, like adding hyperlinks, makin your text bold, or changing the alignment of the elements placed within the canvas. With Code View (<>) you can design your email using HTML. HTML can come in hand if you want to embed images on your video. Though, you can always copy and paste them in the box. 


Editing the PDF Ticket

When you're sending out emails, you can choose to include a PDF ticket. There will be a box you can check and un-check labeled Add Ticket PDFIf you choose to include this, you can then follow the link included to edit its content. 


You will then see the ticket, filled out with Boomset's default information. You can change the Dynamic Fields you want present on the ticket. Like the email editor, you can click on the fields to the left to add the Dynamic data you want. 


Once you are done with your changes, click on the Save button. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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