How to live stream a session

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This article is intended for speakers participating in a virtual or hybrid event using Boomset.

You can identify which session(s) you are a speaker of by navigating to the "Sessions" sidebar, there is a chance that the sidebar name has been changed so it's best to reference the sessions icon, see below. 

This area will show a list of all the sessions planned for the event. The sessions with the below indicator are the sessions that you have been added to speak at. This will be found on the right-hand side of the session list. 

By default you can enter and begin a rehearsal 30 mins prior to the session's start date/time. If you have entered during this time you will notice a "Start Rehearsal" button and an indicator at the top telling you when the session is set to begin. 

While in rehearsal you will see a yellow indicator at the bottom right-hand side. 

This yellow indicator will change to "LIVE" when attendees watching the session will be able to view your broadcast. 

If you should enter a session while it is live you will see a "Start Broadcast" button. Important: After clicking on that button your camera and audio will be on by default. 

There are a number of settings available to you at the bottom of the broadcast on the toolbar. When hovering over the buttons with your mouse the button names are revealed. 

Starting from the left to the right the buttons give you the ability to: 

1. Turn your video camera on and off 

2. Turn your audio microphone on and off 

3. Share screen a presentation or video 

4. Make your individual view fullscreen 

5. Change which camera or microphone you're using

6. Record the session 

When there is more than one speaker there will be two additional options: 


This will change your view from gallery mode to a display that will have one speaker as the majority of the screen and the other speakers as remote speakers in thumbnail videos to the right of the broadcast. 

When choosing "Hide Remote Stream" the thumbnail videos of other speakers will be removed from your display. 

As a speaker, you can communicate with other speakers and admins in the "Backstage" located on the right side of the session. Anything written in the Backstage will not be visible to attendees watching the session. See below. 

You can also participate in live Chat with other attendees. Chat messages are visible to everyone. Attendees may ask questions to you privately in the Q&A section. In all sections, you will see a red notification indicating something new has been submitted in that tab. 

When you have finished presenting and ready to leave the session you can use the exit button at the top right corner of the broadcast. 

And choose Accept in the pop-up message. 



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