Importing your Guest List: Adding Sessions and Custom Questions

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Along with the Standard Questions, Organizers can also import a spreadsheet that includes Attendees' Session Registration, their answers to Custom Questions, and other details. This article will go over the best practices for importing this information. 

Adding Answers to Custom Questions

When you're creating your Guest spreadsheet, you can include columns for information that falls outside Boomset's Custom Questions. If you haven't created the Custom Questions in advance, adding them to the spreadsheet will ensure they're created automatically. You just need to add the columns with the information they should contain, for example: 



If you have already created them, you can just add the name on the Column Title. 

When you're uploading the Spreadsheet, you'll be asked to match these columns to Boomset's Standard Questions: 


Note: If you have already created your Custom Questions, these will be easier to match if the Session's name is exactly the same in the spreadsheet and in Boomset.

If you haven't created your Custom Question, click on +Add as a New Custom Question. 

Once a match has been made — with either a new or a previously created question — the column will stop showing up in red in this section. A grey column is ready to be imported. 

Registering Guests for Sessions

The process for registering Guests to Sessions via spreadsheet upload is similar. On your spreadsheet create a column for each Session that will be taking place. These Sessions can be created in advance by going to Manage > Manage Sessions > Add Sessions. You will have the option to upload all your Sessions, as well. 

Now, on your .XLSX sheet, you will need to ad columns for each Session. If a Guest is to attend a Session, add Yes under the Session's Column. If a Guest is not meant to attend, then add a No under the Sesson. You can see an example of how to sort Guests below: 


After importing the spreadsheet, you will also be asked to match the columns for your Sessions with those that were created in advanced. If the name is not identical, you will need to search on the dropdown menu for the right Session. Likewise, if you have yet to create a Session, you can simply select the option +Add as a New Session. 

Note: If your Session's name is particularly long, it might be cut off on the dropdown menu. Though this is not a frequent issue, if more than one Session has a similar name, they could be easy to confuse. Adding an identifer ahead of the Session name (like "101"/"102) would be helpful to tell them apart.

When adding new Sessions, make sure that your spreadsheet's Sessions name matches what you would like to see on your Boomset Event. 

Completing the Upload

After going through the column matching process, you will be asked to confirm the upload. The total number of Guests that will be added to the Event will be visible then. The option to cancel the upload will come up, as well. 

After the import is completed, if you look in the "Sessions" area of your event, you will be able to see the sessions that you created. Likweise, under Registration > Registration Form, you should see your newly made Custom questions! 

We have a video below that walks you through the complete process. Feel free to check it out! 

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  


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