Kiosk Mode Customization: Options

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In this section of the Kiosk Mode customization, you can grant your attendees the ability to see different data after checking into the Event. 

If someone has already checked-in and they approach the Kiosk again, they could see: 

  • Registration Details: The information the attendee provided during the registration process. 
  • Selfie: The photo they uploaded as their selfie, if required during the registration process. Attendees can add a new photo, edit the one they added, or replace the picture. 
  • Signatures: The documents they signed during the check-in process. 
  • Sessions: The Sessions to which an attendee has registered — attendees can edit their Sessions if this area is visible. 
  • Badge Reprint: This option lets attendees reprint their badge more than once. 
  • RFID/NFC Re-Encode: This option allows attendees to re-encode their NFC tags after their check-in. 


Within the dropdown menu, you will see three options to choose from: 

  • Hidden: If set to Hidden, this option will not be visible to attendees in the post check-in screen. 
  • Visible: If set to Visible, attendees will see this option in the post check-in screen. 
  • Locked: If set to Locked, attendees will see this option in the post check-in screen, but they will need a passcode to make the changes. 

You can preview the options screen with the preview window to the right:


You can edit these Options at any point prior to or during the Event. Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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