How to Add/Manage integrations

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Integrations are added and managed from the Group Page. On the left-side menu, look for an option that reads Integrations. 


If you have not yet added an Integration to your Group, you will see the message below: 


Click on Add Integration to get started. It will bring you to the next screen which has a drop down with all of our Integration Partners listed. Select the Integration that you will be using.



Next, you will be prompted to fill in the fields provided on screen or take you directly to the Integration Partners website for you to complete the connection. 

Each integration will have different fields that you must input but they will all have Nickname (name you wish to give to the integration for your Group). Alternatively if you were directed to the integrations website follow and complete all the steps required by the integration. You will return to the Integrations page where you will see the integration in your group. 


The image above shows the fields required by the Hopin integration, as an example. 

Once you have entered all the requested information, click on Save to keep the changes from being lost. A green LIVE button will be visible to the left of the integration once it's added: 


If you would like to Manage an existing Integration, you can also do that from the Integrations tab. Clicking on the Integration's name will result in the settings menu for it to open. Likewise, on the column farthest to the right, you will see a trash icon in case you want to Delete the integration entirely. 

After completing the integration setup any group member will be able to utilize this integration across all of your events! Group members can start the import of a Guest List from an Integration from the Event Dashboard on Manage > Import/Sync > Import a Guest List!

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 


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