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If an exhibitor or their colleague cannot log into the app they may not realize that their license has already been validated as a guest. In this case, they may not have the email invitation that contains the QR code or they may not know the PIN. As the event organizer, you have the ability to check the status of their license, resend the QR code and reset the PIN. 

*Quick Support Tips:* 
- On your computer, open the Manage Exhibitors list
- Search for the exhibitor and click on them to confirm the active license status and Boomset/Guest account.
Guest Account:
- Ask the exhibitor to sign out and scan the QR Code again or tap 'click here to begin'. 
- Reset the PIN code for them if it is unknown. 
Boomset Account:
- Advise them to sign in with the correct username/password.

(More details further below in this article)

Check the License Status

Go to the Manage Exhibitors tab and search for the name/email of the attendee. 

The screenshot below shows the Active Status of the license and the mail icon to resend the email invitation. However, at this point it is unknown whether the license was activated as a Boomset Account holder or Guest User. Click on the Exhibitor Name to learn more. 

Clicking the Exhibitor Name will bring up the attendee Info. The Account Type field below confirms that the license as been validated as a Guest User. The Associated with field shows the nickname (Greg). 

Resend the QR Code

If Greg's colleague, Jim, would like to use the license, Jim may not know that the license has already been activated by Greg as a Guest User. Jim needs the QR Code and PIN to log in. See below. 

Your options: 
1. Resend the email invitation to Greg
   A. Jim can scan the code from Greg's phone
   B. Greg can forward the email to Jim, Jim can tap the "click here to begin" button and enter PIN.
   C. If you are speaking with Jim on-site, you can pull up the QR code on your computer screen (like the screenshot) and allow Jim to scan it. 

2. Download the QR Code and email it to Jim. 

Reset the PIN Code

If the attendee does not know the PIN Code, reset it. After resetting the PIN Code, inform the customer and advise them to notify their coworkers who will share the license. 


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