Troubleshooting: Helping Exhibitors with their License

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Exhibitors will often reach out to Organizers for help with any trouble they encounter in the process of redeeming their license, logging into the app, or exporting their leads. This article aims to provide a brief troubleshooting guide to help Organizers navigate these requests. 

I Cannot Access my License

One of the most common issues Exhibitors might encounter is an inability to access the app. There are several reasons that could cause this and different ways to help. 

Unredeemed License

Sometimes, Exhibitors access the app prior to redeeming the license. If they have a Boomset account, access to the app will be availble even if they skip the redemption process. The license, however, will not be tied to their account. In these cases, we just need to resend the invitation email and ask them to complete the steps it outlines. 

To resend the invitation email, go to Manage > Lead Retrieval > Manage Exhibitors. If your Exhibitor has not redeemed their license, their status will show as Pending. 


You will also see the option to send the Exhibitor a reminder to redeem their license! Clicking on this button will resend the invitation. 

License Already Redeemed

Sometimes, one member of the Team will be unable to access the license. Every time they scan the QR Code and try to redeem the license, they see a message advising it has already been redeemed. In these cases, the Organizer can reach out to the other colleague for the account's credentials! For Boomset account-linked licenses, the colleague needs to give them the password as the Organizer (and Boomset Support) will not have access to the license. 

Cannot Locate License / License Shows as Not Purchased

Some Exhibitors will redeem the license with a Guest Account, but log into their Boomset account on the app. As the license is not linked to that account, it will not be visible. Instead, they will need to log into the Guest Account. You can check whether an Exhibitor linked their license to a Guest Account or a Boomst Account by going to Manage > Lead Retrieval > Manage Exhibitors and look for the Exhibitor in your list. When you click on their name, you will see a panel with their details: 


Under Info Account Type, you will see one of two options:

  • Guest User: The license was linked to a Guest account
  • Boomset User: The license was linked to a Boomset account

Forgotten PIN

If the Exhibitor used a Guest Account to set up their license and forgot the PIN, Organizers can reset this value from Manage > Lead Retrieval > Manage Exhibitors. Locate the Exhibitor using the Search Bar and click on their name to pull up the information panel. 

You will see an option labeled Pin Code: 


Though you cannot see the PIN Code they entered, you can click on Edit to enter a new PIN. This can be a customized PIN for the Exhibitor or a default PIN (like 1234). After you click on save, the new PIN code will let them in the app! 

Technical Hiccups

Sometimes, Exhibitors will encounter issues with the app after they have logged in. Some can be technical issues that require Support's intervention, but others can be solved by following some quick steps. 

"Wrong Event" Error Message

This error message will come up in one of two scenarios: 

  • The Exhibitor accessed the wrong Lead Retrieval license and they are using it to scan the leads on another event. They can either log out and log back into the right account or they can scan the QR Code for the right event directly. 
  • The Exhibitor is scanning an invalid code. Exhibitors might try to test the scanning feature with the QR codes they received for their invitation, which will produce an error. The QR Codes in their invitation email (if included) would work better for a test scan! 

Information Will Not Save / Information Will Not Load

Cache issues can affect an Exhibitor's ability to successfully scan a lead or load the lead information that others have scanned. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app should help them get back in with no trouble. Having a clean slate app can ensure a smoother functionality. 

Likewise, the Exhibitors could be having issues with their Internet connection. If the device is not connected to the Internet, it would have a hard time communicating with others and the Boomset database. Having them check their Internet connection would be helpful, too. 

Cannot Set up Qualifiers

Some Exhibitors will report being unable to set up Qualifiers as an issue, but this option might have been intentionally disabled. If this is the case, then explaining this to the Exhibitor should help! On the other hand, if the option has been disabled unintentionally or has not yet been enable, the change can be made from your Event Dashboard. 

If you go to Manage > Lead Retrieval > Settings and look for the option that reads Qualifiers. If this option is toggled ON, Exhibitors will ge access to create them! 


App Crashes / Cannot Navigate 

If the Exhibitor reports any behavior that significantly impairs the functionality of the app, please refer them to our Support Team so they can look into the matter! 

Likewise, feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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