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Normally, the Boomset Guest List / Check-In App will require an internet connection to maintain a steady flow of information between it and the Event Dashboard for check-ins to occur, but with the use of the Offline Walk-In functionality, this process can remain uninterrupted even when dealing with outages. 

Enabling Offline Walk-Ins

Organizers can enable offline walk-ins from their event Dashboard. From Manage > Registration click on Settings to see the Offline Walk-In toggle. 


Once enabled, a warning message will appear next. Changes will not come into effect until you hit Save, so make sure you do so if this is a needed feature. 


As the message above warns, some features will become limited when Offline Walk-Ins are enabled. There are two main areas that will be affected: 

  • Session Scanning
  • Lead Retrieval

As access to the Sessions available wtihin an Event requires an internet connection, Attendees won't be able to go through the Session Select process when checking-in as an offline walk-in. Likewise, as the Attendee data is not being pushed back into the system, Exhibitors will be unable to access the information stored in their QR Codes — if printing is possible. Once the internet connection is restored, these two processes should resume without a hitch. 

Likewise, it is also important to note that most printers will require an internet connection bridging them and the Guest List / Check-In App, as Bluetooth pairing is only possible with Brother printers at the time being. On other models, printing badges would be temporarily disabled until the connection is restored. Offline walk-ins should only be used as a last resort at a live event. Operating in Offline mode increases the risks of losing data. As such, we recommend limiting the amount of time spent offline during an Event. 

If you have concerns about your event location and network stability, feel free to reach out to us at or your Customer Success Manager. 

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