How to Export your Leads

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Exhibitors have the ability to export a report of scanned leads from an Event from both the Lead Retrieval App and the Web Platform 

Exporting Leads from the Lead Retrieval App

To export the leads form the Lead Retireval App, Exhibitors will nee to be logged into their account. On the app, they need to locate the Event for which they want to export Leads. If the Event is Live it will appear under this section. If it has passed, it should be found under the Past tab. 

When the Event is lcoated, they can access it with a tap. Within the dashboard, they should see an Export button on the top-right corner:



Then, Exhibitors will be prompted to enter the password or PIN. After credentials are entered, an Export screen will become available. To continue, they need to select choose "Email me the leads": 


An email will be sent to the email associated with the license! 


Exporting Leads from the Web Platform

Note: This option is only available to attendees who have a license linked to a Boomset account.

To access the section where leads are recorded and stored, Exhibitors must log into the Boomset web platform using the credentials used to log into the Lead Retrieval application. 

Once logged in, there will be two options to choose from: 


Clicking on Lead Retrieval Events will pull a list of Lead Retrieval Eevnts that an Exhibitor might have attended. By default, the Live checkbox will be selected. In this section, it's possible to find Events that are currently happening and which have public licenses. 

If the Event is currently happening, it's not necessary to unselect this option. However, if it has already ended, the Past option will bring it up. Once the Event is located, they just need to select it to access the leads: 


In this page, Exhibitors can view all their leads. Clicking on each name will let them view the leads individually. To export them all, though, they just need to click on the Export Leads button on the top-right corner. 

They will then be asked to enter the email to which they want the leads delivered: 


After entering the email, the report will be automatically sent to that inbox! 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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