Importing your Guest List with a Spreadsheet

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Organizers can invite Guests to their event by uploading a spreadsheet in .XLSX or .XLS format to their event. This article will walk them through the process. 

Getting Started

The first thing Organizers need to do is prepare their spreadsheet. Though the format has to be .XLS or .XLSX, these spreadsheets can be produced with Excel, Google Sheets, or your preferred program! 

On your spreadsheet, you will need to set up one column for each category of Guest information you want to bring over to Boomset. These can include: 

  • The Registration Information of the Guest, like the Registration Type they will be assigned. 
  • The Guest Information, like their email, job title, or company. 
  • The Session Registration — whether they will attend a session or not for each attendee. 
  • Speaker status can be granted by adding the right colum. 
  • Check-In Notifications that alert the Group Members of the arrival of certain individuals can be set up through the spreadsheet. 

If you are not sure how to format this information, you can navigate to Manage > Import / Sync > Import a Guest List to download a sample spreadsheet. 



As you set up your spreadsheet, please keep in mind that adding certain formatting elements to it (like filters or conditional formatting) can cause issues during the upload. 

When your spreadsheet is ready, head back to Manage > Import / Sync > Import a Guest List to get the process started! 

Importing your Guest List

When you navigate to Import a Guest List, you just need to click on the blue Upload button to get the process started. After a few seconds, you will be prompted to go through a Column Matching process. 

During Column Matching you will be asked to either match your spreadsheet's columns to one of Boomset's native fields, or to add it as a Custom Question or a Custom Session (if this data was included). 

Some of the columns will be matched instantly, for instance First Name and Last Name. These fields are matched automatically if they have the same name as another element within the Event, be it one of Boomset's native fields or an existing Session. 

If there are fields you do not want to import, please click on Skip for that column. Doing so will ensure the information in it w

The short video below demonstrates what this process looks like: 


Completing the Import

The last step before the Guests are added to your Event is toggling ON or OFF the delivery of an email with the upload. If you would like your Guests to be notified that they've been added immediately after completing this process, please toggle this option ON. If you would prefer to send them an email later, please make sure it is OFF. 


Note: If a Confirmation Email has not been set, the toggle will be greyed out as seen in the image above.

Clicking on Complete Import will finalize the process and the total number of Guests shown on this screen will be imported! You will see the imported file under Import / Sync > Imported Guest List, like this: 


For more information on what an import with Custom Quetions and Sessions looks like, feel free to check out this article. 

You can find more information about how to complete your Guest List Import here. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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