Zebra Printer and Router Setup

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Setting up your router:
The router comes with a power adapter (optionally, a Verizon internet stick) and, of course, the router.

If your venue supplies a hardwired internet line, plug it into the router’s blue outlet. If you do not have access to this hardwired connection or would prefer to use an addition backup connection, provided your router has one, you can use the Verizon internet stick.

Rotate the USB stick’s cover, which functions as an antenna, and plug the stick into the router’s USB outlet. Plug in the router to a power outlet and switch on the power.

Setting up the Zebra printer:
First, begin by connecting the power supply by plugging in the power cord into the AC adapter. Next, plug the small round plug into the back of the printer. Now, connect the power cord to a power outlet.

Connecting your printer to the router:
Use the Ethernet cable to connect your printer to the router. One end of the Ethernet cable must be plugged into the back of the printer while the other end goes into one of the router’s four yellow outlets.

Up to four printers can be connected to a router. Make sure the printer’s power switch is turned on.

Setting up the printer on the Boomset App: 
Go to the printer settings in the Boomset app.
First you must make sure that your iPad is connected to your router's wireless network. To check, tap on the Settings icon in your iPad. 

In most cases you will find the network name and password printed on your router.

Open the Boomset app and log into your account. If you have not downloaded the app yet, please do so from the App Store.

Logging in will display your events on the right side of the screen. On the lower left corner, there will be a grey printer icon indicating that there is no printer currently selected.

Select the PRINTER SETUP option from the left column. All printers connected to your route will appear on this page. Choose the printer you would like to connect to the iPad.

You can finally open your event.
Make sure that badges are set to AUTO PRINT prior to printing.
In order to turn on AUTO PRINT, tap on the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

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