Gamification: Setting Up Cashless Payments

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Account holders can set up cashless payment from within the event Dashboard. From the Manage tab, scroll down to find the Cashless Payment section.


Add/Configure Items

Click Add Item. Name the item and enter the quantity. Here, "Quantity" refers to the inventory number for that particular item.


The item will appear in a list where it can be edited, added, copied or deleted. 


promotion qualifies an item(s) to be redeemed when the attendee meets conditional criteria. 

Promotion Name: Enter a name that clearly describes the promotion. For example, a promotion for a Limited Edition T-Shirt.

Quantity: Indicate how many times the promotion can be utilized. 

Registration Types: Attendees that hold matching registration types are eligible to participate in this promotion. Add all registration types or a selected few. 

Trigger Type: Choose a trigger type that will make selected items available.

  • Event Check-in: Attendees will receive an item upon checking in to the main event.
  • Attendee Points: Attendees will earn points through gamification. Collected points equate to items that can be redeemed. 
  • Registered: Attendees will qualify for specific items when they register for the event.

Promotion Items: Select items to apply the promotion.  For example, the item "Shirt" can be applied to the "Limited Edition T-Shirt" promotion.

Item Quantity: Amount of items that can be redeemed from one promotion (per person). For example, each attendee can redeem one Limited Edition T-Shirt with this promotion. 

Save the promotion and it will be added to a list for future management. 

Item Statistics/Status

View your remaining inventory and the attendees who redeemed items throughout the event.

Not redeemed yet (Available) - The promotion has been triggered but the item(s) has not been physically redeemed yet. 
Redeemed - 
The item has been picked up by the attendee.


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