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Frequently Asked Questions about the Custom Questions added to a Registration Form. For more information about the Lead Retrieval app, feel free to check out our quick Overview.

Which devices are compatible with the Lead Retrieval App? 

Boomset's Lead Retrieval app is available on all iOS and Android devices with the following software criteria: iOS Software Version: 11.3 or higher & Android Software Version: 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

What is the difference between linking the license to a Boomset account or a Guest Account ?

When creating your Leade Retrieval license, you will be given the choice between linking it to a Boomset Account and a Guest Account. Both will let you access the license and scan leads, but they come with some differences: 

  • Login: Exhibitors who link their licenses to a Boomset Account can access the license by logging in with their credentials (email + password), meanwhile Exhibitors with Guest Accounts will need to scan the QR Code to access it. 
  • Connecting to Multiple Licenses: An Exhibitor with a Boomset account can link multiple licenses to the same account. When logging in, they can see all licenses purchased in the Events tab. Guest Accounts can only be linked to one license. 
  • Lead Storage: When using a Guest Account, the leads scanned will be stored within each device. They will need to be individually exported. Meanwhile, licenses linked to a Boomset device will be shared across all devices and a single export will let you have access to all the data. 

Can two or more Exhibitors have access to the same license?

Yes! Boomset has never limited the use of a Lead Retrieval License to only one device. Users can freely use their license on as many devices as they would like. As the Exhibitors will be sharing the same license, please keep in mind that the changes made by an Exhibitor can be overwritten by another one who works on the same lead. 

If the Lead Retrieval users are concerned about this situation, please purchase separate licenses for the booth professionals.

What information do I need to share with my teammates for them to access the license? 

It depends on the redemption method you chose: 

  • If the license was redeemed as a Guest Account, you will need to share the QR Code and the 4-digit PIN. 
  • If the license was redeemed with a Boomset account, you will need to share your credentials with your team members. They can also scan the QR code to be prompted to enter your password only, if you want to share your full credentials with them. 

Can I change the PIN of my Guest Account? 

Yes, you can!To change your PIN, you just need to go to Settings > Exhibitor Info > PIN. Enter your new PIN and click save. To confirm the change, you will be asked to enter your old PIN. Once that's done, the new PIN will come into effect! 

If you do not remember the old PIN of your Guest Account, please reach out to the Event Organizer or to Boomset Support! 

I need to access my license but I don't remember my password. How can I reset it?

For Boomset account-linked licenses, a password reset can be requested here. 

Does Boomset have an API Kit for Exhibitors? 

At this moment, we don't have an API Kit to share with exhibitors. However, our Lead Retrieval system will let you collect leads and produce a report with their information. This data can then be moved into other lead retrieval systems. 

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