Qualifiers: Customize the Look of your Questions

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Exhibitors who are using Custom Qualifiers during their Lead Retrieval experience can customize the look of these questions on the Web and App version of their Exhibitor account. 

Web Dashbaord

First, you will need to access your Dashboard. Click on "Lead Retrieval Events" and search for the event you will attend.

Note: Make sure you select All to find your event more easily. By default, live will be selected but this will filter your events so only the live ones are visible.

Click on your Event's name to access the Dashboard. By default, you will see the Manage tabs and it's options. Next it to it, though, you should see an option labeled Design. Select that option. 


Under Design, you can set the Color Scheme that will be visible to Attendees when they are answering your Custom Qualifiers. Enter the Hex Code for your preferred color or click on Edit to manually select it! 

On the left, you will see a preview of your chosen cololr scheme. From the dropdown menu, you can select the device where they will be displayed to ensure it fits the particular screen size. 

After you have made your changes, click on Save. You should be all set! 

On the App

To edit the look of your Custom Qualifiers on the app, you will need to be logged in and inside your account. Use the method that matches your license redemption! Then, when you get inside, go to Settings > Qualifier > Qualifier Colors:



Under Change Qualifier Mode Colors, Exhibitors will have the options to change the color scheme and font color. 

Click on the Save button to ensure your changes are not lost! Once this has been saved, the new color scheme should come into effect. 
Feel free to reach out to us at support@boomset.com in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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