How to access live Chat and Q&A within a session

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(Please note in order to access these features the event organizer has to enable these features within the Boomset Platform)

After you have navigated to your desired session within Boomset's Virtual Platform you will see a few tabs on the right side of your screen.

(You might see a view similar to this depending on how the event organizer has configured this session.)


How to access live Chat:

In order to access live Chat, click on the "Chat" tab

Now you are in the Chat tab and are able to create a message and post it within the live Chat 

After you've typed your message click the arrow on the bottom right of this section and your message will be posted within the live Chat.


How to access "Q&A":

In order to access Q&A, click on the "Q&A" tab

Now you are in the Q&A tab and are able to submit a private question to the speakers within this session.

Click on the button labeled "Ask a question"

Enter your question in the text field and click the "Send a question" button to submit your question to the speaker(s).

After this is completed you will be able to submit another question within this tab.





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