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With Registration Merge, Organizers can consolidate different tickets within a single Registration Type. This is a great tool if you have tickets linked to specific Sessions, as Attendees can be assigned a general ticket type that contains data specific to the add-ons adquired during Registration. 

To achieve this, we need to modify the Access Control Logic of the Sessions we're linking to each additional Ticket Type. It is also necessary to suppress the association of a badge for the add-on tickets. Then, when checking an indvidual in, their different tickets will be visible but only a single identifier will be prodcued containing all their data. 

Access Control Logic

We have a more thorough walkthrough about this feature, but this article will focus on the way Access Control can work alongside the Registration Merge rules. 

Go to Manage > Manage Session > Sessions > and select the Session you want to Modify.

Toggle Access Control ON to be able to filter the session to only accept certain ticket types. Then, Enable Auto Registration to register attendees as soon as they're scanned. They will only be allowed to register if they meet the filter requirements below. Lastly, enable Filter Options so you can add the Registration Types associated with this Session. 


Here, we have to ensure that we give access to all Registration Types that include this Session. This could be a VIP All-Day pass that covers all the Sessions that take place in a day, or the ticket that gives an Attendee Access to only this ticket. 

If you have a general ticket used for attendees who purchase individual Sessions or limited passes, please make sure to exclude these from the Registration Types selected. An attendee with a General Admission ticket and a Session A ticket will have access to Session A, even if their General Admission ticket is not included in this filtering logic. Instead, they will have access because their General Admission ticket is tied to another ticket that specifically grants access to Session A which is included. 

Suppressing Badges

Go to Manage > Registration > Registration Types and select the Registration Type to edit.

Checking In

With Registration Merge enabled, Organizers can check-in individuals with a simple Tap. Rather than checking in the tickets individually, though that's also a possibility when desired. 



The Registration Merge functionality can be used to scan attendees into sessions that have their access determined on the possession of a certain ticket type. In the example above, Attendee Danny will have access to the Sessions that give access to Testing Tickets and VIP, as both were were purchased with the same information. 

Any ticket in a merge with a Ticket that has been added to the sessions filters, will now be able to access the session. If you'd like to print badges for a registration type with a QR code or RFID, access will be granted to that badge as long as they are associated with Ticket added under the sessions filters. 

Once in Session Experience, every Guest with the right ticket type or custom question answered will be scannable even if the QR Code, barcode, or NFC tag belongs to the generalized registration types, due to the association created with Registration Merge. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  

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