Setting up the Evosk Stand

Please see the steps below to set up the Evosk stand.

Step 1: Screw in both side panels into the base using 6 of the wingnuts.

Step 2: Slide in both front and back panels. Make sure that both panels are flush before locking them into place.

Step 3: Screw in the top panel using 6 flathead screws. 

Step 4: Place the top of the Evosk to the lower portion so that it sits at a 100 degree angle. Make sure that the lower front panel with the four pegs for the keyboard tray matches with the front side of the top section. Once it all matches, twist into place so that it is flush with one another.

Step 5: Unlock the back to the top portion of the Evosk. Place badge printer into the kiosk with the badge stock lying below it.

Step 6: Plug the USB cable from the bluetooth scanner into the power strip that is located in the top corner of the Evosk. 

Step 7: Make sure the power strip cable, the badge printer power cord and the ethernet cable are all fed through the lower left divet before locking the back of the Evosk. 

Step 8: Plug the iPad charger into the power strip and feed it through the slot beneath the iPad base on the front of the Evosk. 


Step 9: Prior to placing the iPad into its metal casing, screw in the back portion of the metal casing onto the iPad base using 4 wingnuts and 4 roundhead screws. 

Step 10: Place the front half of the iPad case (with iPad locked in) onto its back portion. Make sure to feed the iPad charger through the metal casing before locking it.

Step 11: Slide keyboard tray onto the front of the Evosk.

Step 12: Place lanyards onto lanyard holders along holders along either side of the Evosk. 


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