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Creating Badges

Adding Badges Manually

If you have not yet created a Badge for your Event, please head to Design > Badge Designer v.2. 


Click on Add a Badge to start. 


Enter your Badge's Name, select the Printer model you will be using from the dropdown, and the Label Type. The Label Type determines the size. This option will be customizable for all printers but Brother printers, for which the specific label type (or another type of the same size) must be selected. 

Click on the Add button for the Badge to be saved. 

Once the Badge is added, you will be taken to the designer. Here, you will be able to customize your Badge as you need. Though, it is not necessary for you to add any content immediately after creating it. Even if the canvas is left blank, the badge will be saved. 


If you click on the Back button, you will be taken out of the Designer, to a page that lists the badges you have created and lets you manage them. Likewise, from the Badge manager page, you can add more badges for your Event: 


Adding a Badge from the Library

If you have already saved Badge templates in your Library, you can use these for any new Event that you create within the Group. 

To add a Badge from the Library, go to Design > Badge Designer > Create Badge. When you are adding the Badge, make sure you click on the tab labeled Duplicate from Library. There, you should see a dropdown menu on the panel that pops-up. In that dropdown menu, you will find all the Badges added to the library: 


After you Add the Badge from the Library, you will be taken back into the Designer. There, you can make any changes to the look or content of the badges. Keep in mind: the dynamic fields added to the original badge (those in brackets []) will appear as generic fields. To ensure the content remains dynamic, you will need to replace these with the fields added from the left-side menu. 

If you make changes, please don't forget to click on save for them to come into effect. When you click on Back, you will be taken back to the Badge Manager, where you will see the new Badge. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance.

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