How to mute your microphone and turn your camera On/Off

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This article is intended for speakers participating in a virtual or hybrid event using Boomset.

You can identify which session(s) you are a speaker of by navigating to the "Sessions" sidebar, there is a chance that the sidebar name has been changed so it's best to reference the sessions icon, see below. 

This area will show a list of all the sessions planned for the event. The sessions with the below indicator are the sessions that you have been added to speak at. This will be found on the right-hand side of the session list. 

Once you access your the session you are a speaker for you can begin to Broadcast within the session by clicking Broadcast at the center of the screen.


Once you are broadcasting you will see a toolbar for Speakers.


How to Mute your mic:

In order to mute your mic, you can hover over the mic icon as seen below.

Click this icon and the mic will be muted, as seen below.

To unmute your mic, simply click on the mic icon.


How to turn On/Off your camera:

Once you are broadcasting your camera will automatically be turned On; See the camera icon below.

Click this icon and the camera will be turned Off, as seen below.

To make your camera visible, simply click on the camera icon.

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