How to Copy an Event

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For events that occur regularly, copying a past event can save time with event creation and set up. To copy an event, go to your Events list and click the copy icon in the Actions column.

You will be asked to enter the number of times you want the Event to be copied. You can use the dropdown to select a maximum of 10 copies per duplication. 


Once you click on Duplicate, you will see the copied event with the same name and "COPY #0". 

Enter the copied event and click on Edit Event to change the event name and date. 

 Copying an event will transfer the following settings:

  • Badges
  • Registration types
  • Sessions
  • Custom questions

The following items will not transfer:

  • Guest list
  • Lead retrieval users 
  • Custom question answers

Note: Only Owners and Admins can create new Events on Boomst. As such, only they can use the copy feature to successfully duplicate an Event. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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