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In the Settings page, Organizers can determine the visibility of the license for their Event, the way the license can be purchased, and even the Exhibitor's access to Qualifiers. In this article, the different options that can be tweaked in this page will be covered. 

To get started, go to Manage > Lead Retrieval > Settings on your Event Dashboard


If this option is toggled ON, the Event will be listed on Boomset's Lead Retrieval app. If an Exhibitor logs into the app, they will see your event listed as a Lead Retrieval event. If you do not want this information visible, then toggle this option OFF. 


Organizers can set a passcode for their license. For licenses that are publicly listed, setting a passcode would ensure that not just anyone can purchase a license. Instead, only the individuals who have the passcode would be able to purchase it. 

License Fee

This option needs to be enabled to allow Exhibitors to purchase a listed license. Toggling it ON will pass the cost of the license to the Exhibitor, rather than the Organizer.



If the license Fee option is enabled, a Public Purchase Link will become available underneath:


This link can be shared with Exhibitors who would prefer to make a purchase on the web without creating an account and looking for the Event. Likewise, if anyone has trouble with the in-app purchase, this link is a good back-up! 

Data Consent

The Data Consent option will let Attendees decide which data fields they want to share with the Exhibitor. The only fields the Attendee will see in this screen are those the Organizers chose to share with the Exhibitor. Any data set to Hidden for Lead Retrieval users will not be visible here. 

Likewise, a text box will appear where you can add an explanation or disclaimer. Most Organizers use this field to let their attendees know that their information will be shared and that they can choose what not to share. 


If this option is toggled ON, Exhibitors will be allowed to create Custom Qualifiers. Custom Qualifiers can be used to collect information from attendees that might be most relevant to the Exhibitor. For instance, they can ask for preferred contact method. You can learn more about Qualifiers here: Custom Qualifiers and Data Consent: An Introduction. 

Lead Collection Methods

With this option,you can select which methods Exhibitors will have available to collect leads:


If no option is selected, all options will be available to Exhibitors. If you would like to limit these options, you can always select your preferred method of Lead collection. These work as follows: 

  • QR Code: Exhibitors can scan the QR Code of Attendees to capture their Information
  • Email Search: In Kiosk Mode, Exhibitors can search for the attendees by entering their email, rather than scanning the code. Once located, they can begin the information capture. 
  • Walk-In: Individuals who are not registered for the Event as Attendees (like a different Exhibitor) can add themselves to the Lead list by entering their information. 

For any questions or clarifications about this process, feel free to reach Support at support@boomset.com.  

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