Adding and Removing Exhibitors from your Event

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Adding Exhibitors

Organizers can add Exhibitors in two ways: individually and in bulk. To get started, just navigate to Manage > Lead Retrieval > Manage Exhibitors. If you have not yet added an Exhibitor, you will see the screen below. 


Bulk Upload

If you need to add multiple Exhibitors at the same time, you can add them via an .xlsx file. 

You can download a template for the .xlsx file from Manage > Lead Retrieval > Manage Exhibitors

There are three pieces of information you need to include: 

  • Exhibitor Name: The name of the organization the Exhibitors are representing
  • Contact Email: The e-mail of the person who will own the license
  • Redemption Type: If you are going to cover the cost of the license with one of your Lead Retrieval credits, then please use the Organizer option. If you would like the Exhibitor to cover the cost, then add Exhibitor under this column. 
Exhibitors who will cover the cost of the license will receive a link to enter their payment details, along with the invitation email! 

Manual Additions

If you just need to add one or a few Exhibitors, you can also do so on a one-on-one basis. If you click on Add Exhibitor, you will be prompted to enter the following: 


After adding this information, your Exhibitor will be listed along with any other who have been added! 

Do note, though, that to add Exhibitors — individually and in bulk — you will need to have Lead Retrieval credits on your subscription. 

Removing Exhibitors

To remove your Exhibitors, you need to navigate to Manage >Lead Retrieval > Manage Exhibitors  Locate Exhibitor in question and click on the Delete icon next to the Exhibitor in question. 


Unused licenses — those which are Pending or which captured no leads — will return a Lead Retrieval credit to the Organizer at that moment. 

Refunds for Exhibitor Purchases are assessed on a case-by-case basis by Support. They can reach out to the team when needed!

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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