Deactivating and Deleting Guest's Registration

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Just like Organizers can add Guests to their event, they can also remove or deactivate their registrations. To do so, navigate to your Guest List by going to Manage > Manage Guests > Guest List. 

Once there, look for the Guest using the search bar:


When the Guest is found, click on their names to pull up their contact or profile card. Then, click on the Registration Tab to see all the options associated to that registration. 

Deactivating Guests

On the Registration tab, look for the option that says Registration Status, toggle this OFF to deactivate the registration. 


Deactivated Guests will not be visible on the Guest List app. Likewise, these Guests will not be able to check into the Event until their Registration is reactivated. You can do this at any time! 

Deleting a Guest

From the Registration tab, you can delete the Guests, as well. You will see the Delete Guest option at the bottom. 


After clicking on Delete a Guest, the system will ask you for your password and remind you that once the guest is deleted, all data for that guest is not able to be recovered. 



Deleted Guests are also not visible on the Guest List app. Guests who are deleted and attend the event will need to be added as a walk-in. 

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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